The most important functions of the program without additional modules:


  • the creation of various walls, such as individual, single or multi-layer arched walls
  • converting simple lines into walls, foundations or virtual walls
Wände zeichnen mit dem ArCADia BIM 3D Architekt

Windows, doors and wall openings:

  • the creation of unique windows and doors
  • individual wall openings, where width, height and depth can be freely defined
  • inserting wall niches
Fenster & Türen zeichnen


  • the use of steel columns
  • general pillars
Stahlsäulen und Säulen zeichnen

Ceilings & floors:

  • the manual creation of ceilings
  • Floors can be inserted against the ground
  • the insertion of strip and plinth foundations
  • the conversion of lines to strip foundations
Decken und Fundamente planen


  • Platform stairs
  • U-stairs
  • the insertion of spiral stairs
  • inserting ramps
Treppen zeichnen


  • both automatic and manual roof creation and insertion
  • the individual construction of roofs including different roof types
  • the creation of skylights, roof openings and dormers
  • the provision of various roof equipment, such as gutters, snow guards or chimney attachments
Dach virtuell planen

Wooden structures on the roof:

  • Create wooden structures on the roof
  • Add & intersect beams & wooden elements as you like
  • Intersect different roof surfaces into one construction
Nordpfeil zeichnen


  • the creation and processing of strip and plinth foundations
Fundament planen

Rendering & Raytracing::

  • the creation of light sources
  • a simple and automatic rendering in simultaneous execution
  • alternatively, multi-rendering, in which factors such as lighting, shadows and the like are set individually
  • the creation of the rendering independent of the program, whereby the processing of both processes is possible at the same time
3D Rendering

Template manager:

  • saving different executions as a template
  • Various settings such as pen types, lines, standard settings or dimensions can also be saved for individual elements
  • and can be used as a template for further projects in the future.

North arrow:

  • the insertion and editing of a north arrow possible at any time
Nordpfeil zeichnen

Compilation of lists:

  • Lists with areas & cubatures
  • Roof surfaces, roof accessories or roofing materials
  • Material lists
  • Carpentry lists
  • export each list in XLS format and create your own cost calculations


  • Unrestricted access to various databases to simplify the creation of the project and make it more extensive
  • extra databases for materials, objects, inventory and templates
  • the expansion and modification of existing databases
  • Import of further 3D objects in 3DS format
Datenbänke für Objekte und Material


  • the individual dimensioning of lines and angles
  • the automatic dimensioning of the design and objects
  • the simultaneous and automatic change of dimensions during processing
  • adjusting height nodes
  • the description of elements both in projection and in section
Automatische Bemaßung


  • the automatic creation of sections
  • the automatic display of lintels and frames as well as wall elements (e.g. doors and windows) in the section
  • the intelligent division of views
  • the receipt of element groups in the split display
Schnitte erstellen

Creation of the escape & rescue plan

  • Creation of the escape & rescue plan in 2D and 3D
  • Creation of the fire protection plan
  • Planning of escape routes and escape areas
  • Display of the location
  • Symbol explorer, information board, overview plan & legend
Flucht und Rettungsplan erstellen

Communication with other programs:

  • the object-protected import and export of projects from other programs in the IFC format (for example from common software such as Allplan, ArchiCAD, Revit, Plan7Architekt or AutoCAD)
    the object-protected data exchange from the ArCon program

Supported file formats:

Arcon Import Export