You don’t feel like paying a professional a lot of money to redesign your apartment and furnish it in the virtual space? You don’t have to, because thanks to the ArCADia BIM 3D Architect you have a Windows apartment planner at your disposal that is very powerful and yet inexpensive . In the following you will learn something about the extensive range of functions of the CAD 3D software, which covers virtually all requirements. Let yourself be won over by the program that you can easily purchase in our Shop !

Which functions distinguish the software for 3D apartment planning?

Our room planning program opens up a wealth of possibilities for you. Plan an apartment and furnish it virtually. A object catalog makes your work easier. Here you can choose from many different structures and elements free of charge. These are available to you in the form of downloads and can be positioned as desired with a few clicks. Whether you want to create, add or change your own rooms, everything will be easy for you. If you want to change the result again from scratch, that’s no problem! Thanks to the Layer function , you can easily compare different furnishing options. This function allows you to show or hide individual elements, which helps you to keep improving your plans.

Is there a trial version of the 3D apartment planner software that costs nothing?

Yes there is! To convince yourself of the room planner software, all you need to do is write to us briefly using the contact form . You will then receive all the information you need for the trial version. Before you try them out, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the software a little. You can study our videos and screenshots , in which you can see how everything works. This is the optimal preparation for the test variant.

Our Support includes a lot more! In our forum you have the opportunity to discuss any questions that may arise about the software. If you need individual help directly at your workplace, you can also use a support ticket system.

The 3D apartment planner makes planning and furnishing easier

The room planner software enables you to create your own personal living ideas.

It is usually very time-consuming to plan and furnish your own living space. But that doesn’t mean that you have to hire an interior designer to make your dream home come true. Thanks to our apartment planner program, you just take this job into your own hands ! The room planner helps you to get to your destination efficiently, easily and quickly!
With the software you can easily feed in the floor plan of your apartment. You will then be able to individually divide the rooms and set them up virtually in 3D. Use screenshots to record your results. The program even allows you to wander through your rooms . Purely virtual, with just a few clicks. Thanks to this realistic impression, you already get a good idea of ​​how your new four walls might look on you.

If you want to use the program purely as a furnishing or room planner, that is of course not a problem.

You always have the choice between two planning areas. Thanks to the dual 2D and 3D planning , you always work in the view that is most convenient for you. The program supplements the changes in both the 2D and 3D views so that both views can be used at any time.

The zoom feature comes in handy if you want to enter exact dimensions and capture all the details when creating the floor plan. You can easily zoom in and out by turning the mouse wheel.

To an individual 3D living space plan in just three steps

Feed in the floor plan and create 3D rooms

With the help of the 3D room planner, it is easy to create floor plans in a few minutes. In order for the program to be able to calculate a 3D model, it only needs a small amount of information, which you enter in the clear menu. More complex floor plans can also be implemented. For this purpose, it makes sense to simply use our construction aids and guidelines.

Once the floor plan has been completed, you can choose the right doors and windows from the catalog and bring them into the desired position with just a few clicks. You determine the optimal dimensions yourself.

With our program you can also plan more complex apartments, for example top floor apartments . It is not a problem for the software to include the shape of the roof. You can choose from flat, monopitch, saddle, mansard or hipped roofs, each of which is reproduced in three dimensions in the rooms. This allows you to realistically place furniture and other elements.

As a result, the program provides you with a finished floor plan including all the data important for the further design. You have the option of taking notes on special features or transferring the floor plan accurately to the virtual room.

Furnishing the apartment and other details

The creation of the floor plan is followed by the furnishing , without which the impression of your new four walls would have to remain incomplete. Whether it is furniture or other furnishings, you can set up everything exactly as required. It won’t take long to create a comprehensive picture that ideally is harmonious and forms the basis for the next steps.

The ArCADia BIM 3D Architect offers a comprehensive catalog of furnishing elements that you can use for all rooms. It includes, for example, utensils in high-resolution 3D optics for the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom or living room. Starting with the ArCADia BIM 3D Architect, it is possible to enter and use 3D models in other formats in the catalog. OBJ, 3DS, and SketchUp are some of these formats.

The lighting is also an important aspect that has a decisive influence on the living ambience of an apartment. With the program, the lighting can be planned very precisely, whether it is the positioning of the lamps or the choice of the optimal light color and intensity. You can create an appealing atmosphere on the computer.

Textures are also included in the catalog feature. Choose the right color and texture to transfer to furniture, walls and other surfaces. You can also upload your own textures in GIF, JPG, PNG and BMP formats.

3D tour and storage

After entering all the basic data and furnishing the apartment down to the last detail, it’s time to render the design. This gives you a realistic 3D view that you can virtually wander through. To capture your impressions, simply take 3D photographs from all desired perspectives. If you want to repeat the tour, it is even possible to make a video. Tip: Both the photos and the videos look much more intense when you watch them on a large TV. You will find practical tips on this point and much more on our website.
The software also offers the option of dimensionally accurate representation of sections and side views, which can be saved and printed out immediately.

You can save your results easily and comprehensively between the individual steps or after you have completed the complete planning. To add or change something, open the relevant file in the software and continue editing.

The ArCADia BIM 3D architect enables ideal apartment planning in 3D

The ArCADia BIM 3D Architect is available online. All you have to do is download it. Additional 3D furnishing elements are also available for download. Optionally, you can also have the program sent to you in the form of a backup DVD. With the help of the software it is child’s play to plan an entire apartment quickly, easily and efficiently. This also includes the design of the floor plan. We offer you all this and much more at a price-performance ratio that is hard to beat !

Downloading additional 3D elements for setup

Textures, furniture and many other furnishings are already part of our standard catalogs. However, if the selection is not enough for you, you can download additional object collections from us . This gives you the chance to plan your apartment even more realistically. For this purpose, our additional collections offer you, for example, people, plants or vehicles.

If you need very special items that are not included in the collections, you can add them manually . Simply enter the keywords SketchUp furniture or 3DS objects on the Internet. Once you have found something suitable, simply insert the objects into the apartment planner using the menu, which only requires a few clicks. In particular, many SketchUp objects are available online that you can download for free. These can be uploaded with all professional versions of the ArCADia BIM 3D Architect. This also includes, for example, a lot of furniture from IKEA.

For the example you can import IKEA 3D furniture, in this case the Pax cabinet system. To install it in your virtual apartment, first go to the 3D Warehouse website. Now enter the name IKEA PAX in the search function. You will then be shown various systems that you can download as SketchUp. You can then easily import the file into your room planner.
If you have any problems or questions while uploading, please contact the support area .

Simply download the 3D room planner online

Once the apartment planner has been downloaded, you can start without further ado to open the Room Planner Assistant and create your dream apartment in just a few minutes. What connects all the objects in the interior is their three-dimensional and very realistic representation. The portfolio is rounded off by extensive catalogs and many other tools. This enables you to incorporate a great deal of individuality that goes beyond the standard planning function for windows, doors, rooms and roof shapes.

The interior planner contains a furniture configurator . With their support, you will receive a dimensionally accurate and very realistic impression before you buy and even before viewing the potential furniture. In 3D mode, the elements can be integrated directly into the virtual apartment. Simply select the appropriate scale, which the program immediately integrates exactly. This option is also a great way to come up with exciting new ideas!

Even amateur architects and laypersons can easily cope with the various functions of the program, which is expressly not only intended for professionals. With the help of the integrated configurator, it is easy for you to use and edit predefined elements.

The ArCADia BIM 3D architect compared to free room planners

Many of the free CAD planning programs from the Internet only have a very limited scope of services. Realizing your own living ideas in a detailed and realistic way with these programs is hardly possible. Therefore, you should save the time for research and opt for the ArCADia BIM 3D architect, whose range of services includes all important areas!

The ArCADia BIM 3D architect as an inexpensive alternative

In contrast to free apartment planners, the ArCADia BIM 3D architect offers you a wide range of options. For example, you can easily switch between the 2D and 3D view . This helps you to adapt the planning to your needs and to get an impression that is as realistic as possible. If you are satisfied with the results, get to know your new apartment from all angles with the 3D tour feature – very easily with the mouse and keyboard.

The ArCADia BIM 3D Architect does not only include a general room planner. It also includes a facility planner, a kitchen planner and even software for house planning, which, among other things, provides you with the function of drawing floor plans.

With our apartment planner you can make full use of the digital potential of room design . Thanks to the choice between 2D and 3D view, the program is characterized by particularly good usability. You can translate your ideas into a realistic environment from the drawing board, so to speak, and compare their effects in this way. There are many options open to you to create an almost real-looking room ambience, whether you want to integrate furniture, plants, people or other elements. You can also play with light effects as you like.

If you have any questions or even have problems working with the ArCADia BIM 3D Architect, our free customer service area is always there for you. There you will find answers to frequently asked questions, but also tricks, tips and video tutorials that will help you to make your rooms even more efficient and effective. We can also resolve possible problems through remote maintenance if you cannot find a solution in the support area.
In order to become a furnishing professional yourself in no time at all, the ArCADia BIM 3D Architect is exactly the right program – install it on your computer today!

The 3D apartment planner is included in all of our software packages. In addition, various features are available that offer solutions for various requirements. To get an overview of all versions of the ArCADia BIM 3D Architect, it is worth taking a look at our product area. The program can be used with all modern Windows PCs.

You can master our room planning software with ease. It does not matter whether you are a purely private user or a professional . No training or even a degree is required for this. To convince yourself of this, a test is possible before buying. You can easily download the program from our shop or have a backup DVD sent to you as an option. Make use of your 14-day right of withdrawal if the software has not met your expectations.