Do you want to remodel and renovate? Are you looking for a way to plan your ideas easily, variably and clearly?

The ingenious software of the ArCADia BIM 3D Architect program helps every owner to easily design the conversions or renovations of the house. The models are presented in 3D format in a plastic, realistic and flexible manner.
As an additional offer, ArCADia BIM 3D Architect provides the option of designing the interior spaces so that you can get a fantastic picture of your new living environment in a playful and creative way without any prior knowledge. Pre-constructed objects (more than 10,000) are available to you, but you can also create new ideas, i. H. that you can insert a wide variety of elements such as protrusions, windows, walls, stairs or ledges into the software file.

A software for all wishes!

Advantages at a glance

  1. models
    ArCADia BIM 3D Architect is designed in such a way that you have the chance to switch between a 2D model and a 3D model at any time, or even to compare both models. The software’s extensive database has an unbelievable number of model specifications (1800 in 2D, approx. 8000 in 3D), so that you can freely choose from a huge pool and plan your house down to the smallest corner with precise details . Difficult zoom mechanism is able to take various positions in the floor plans.
  2. Operation
    The simple operation of the software program makes it easier for you to plan your modifications. Even sketched designs can be automatically and quickly converted into building recommendations so that you can continue with the composition step by step. Every added building element is checked by ArCADia BIM 3D Architect in a matter of seconds, represented by shading and reflections and individually adjusted so that you can get a realistic picture of your conversions.
  3. norms
    Please be assured that the program is based on German building standards , so that all specifications and restrictions are included and you will not cause any difficulties.
  4. Free trial
    Let yourself be won over to the ArCADia BIM 3D Architect software program and test the complete range of functions for 24 hours free of charge .