There are many factors to consider when building builders plan. For example, the right property must first be selected. Then it comes to construction financing, that is, it comes down to planning ancillary costs and reserves. Which construction partners should be selected, what about the energy efficiency and the construction site equipment, and so on. So that you as the client can have a lot of influence in the planning of your own house, there is the 3D CAD BIM – the planning program 3D Architect ArCADia makes this possible. With this innovative software, clients plan all levels of the property on their own.

What advantages does the planning program offer?

The 3D CAD BIM enables orthogonal and perspective 3D views from your own company. The advantage is that no previous knowledge is required to use the CD. The software is easy to understand thanks to its excellent clarity. Thanks to the photo-realistic 3D view, every planner is optimally conveyed his idea. In addition to the house planning, the rooms are also visible and their set-up is made possible virtually. In this way, every newly built house can be planned down to the last detail by the client himself. The planning software is therefore the ideal support for the work of an architect.

The three models of the planning software introduce themselves

◗ With the current modification of the 3D software, you can integrate extended doors, windows and beams. This variant is therefore suitable for a more complex construction and takes attic beams into account. The ArCADia software also offers the possibility of creating a tour video through your own dream home.

◗ With the 3D CAD BIM architect and room planner for Windows, you can plan apartments and houses in no time and visualize them in high-quality 3D.

◗ The innovative planning program is suitable for the creation of every type of apartment and house. Furthermore, a large number of functions support and simplify the planning of your construction project.

Thanks to the simple user interface, even beginners can easily find their way into this program and create construction drawings like a professional. The entire project is then visualized in a photo-realistic, individually movable 3D.

Creation of floor plans for apartments and houses

Among other things, the software program provides functions that enable floor plans to be easily imported. This is done very easily with a scanner if the house already has floor plans. The program automatically recognizes all walls and so you can easily continue working on the floor plan.

This also includes construction projects that have already started. The planning program can be inserted into the 3D CAD without any problems. The high level of compatibility, which enables access to standard architecture programs, processes started projects perfectly.

If you want to create your project without an existing floor plan, that is also possible. An intelligent and easily understandable guide through the planning program makes it easier to place and define the walls in the floor plan. The system automatically recognizes closed rooms and creates the data. Plan the wall and ceiling height, the lengths and widths with the corresponding storeys and floors. If you want an attic and a basement, just plan in.

Complete furnishing options for the rooms are possible

After you are happy with the definition of the walls, just focus on the various building elements. This is about doors and windows, supports and stairs as well as the railing. The roof, including the dormers, can now also be precisely defined and precisely positioned.

Only one click is required and you have the option of fully adapting each individual element and editing it according to your wishes, needs and ideas. You can also change the level of individual rooms and connect them to the other levels using a step model.

The planning program has more than 500,000 modern 3D and almost 2,000 2D objects ready for you to set up your construction project in detail. Arrange each room individually and design the ambience as you wish.

The program not only enables you to insert objects from manufacturers and third-party providers into the catalog and work with them. You can also insert and adjust required materials from any object. The modern material catalog is equipped with over a thousand surfaces and textures as well as countless materials. Use everything as you like, combine and expand your project to your heart’s content.

The program works with many layers so that you can compare the facilities optimally. So you can position different furnishing solutions. The different layers leave you plenty of leeway for your new project until you are completely satisfied with everything yourself.

Benefit from planning in 2D or 3D

The construction software automatically visualizes every change and every component in photo-realistic 3D, and in real time. Edit your apartment or house in parallel in two displayed windows. You can also create a 2D draft and, if you wish, view and edit your plans in a 3D model.

Get a bird’s eye view of your project. In both modes there is the possibility to move freely with the keyboard and the mouse. A complete tour can be viewed in 3D. For the best possible clarity of your planning, you can make the selected walls and floors as well as the roof invisible again at any time. This allows you to keep track of everything from planning to execution.

Support and help

If questions arise, customers use the comprehensive, competent service. A well-trained and friendly team looks forward to your call and answers your questions. A digital manual is also available for your concerns. Of course, you will not incur any costs by using the offers of assistance.