The floor plan is the basis on which you can design your dream house step by step. It stands at the beginning of the house planning and is the basis for being able to put the first ideas and desired spatial requirements for the new home on “paper”. But a floor plan alone is not enough to convince and inspire. It takes a little more than that. Unlike laypeople, professionals can think their way into the abstract world of numbers, scales, lines and parameters and imagine the finished house. It’s not that easy for laypeople. Understanding the plan is one thing. The creativity of imagining every detail and being able to empathize with the premises, but something completely different.

In order to be able to close this gap, there is the 3D CAD house planning software from ArCADia BIM 3D Architect . With this software you can visualize your construction project. With this program, you will be able to put yourself in the shoes of your dream home, even if it has not yet got out of the planning stage. The house planner program is an important step towards the real house, which you can design with the help of this software from the beginning or completely independently.

The 3D CAD house construction planner enables you to see, experience and feel comfortable in your dream house – even before the first groundbreaking has been done. The software calculates a walkable 3D model of your construction project from the floor plan and the added details. After completing the drawing, you can switch to 3D mode with a click of the mouse and start a virtual inspection of your property.

The house planning software enables you not only to plan the premises, but also to design the interior. Become your own interior designer and create your dream house or apartment yourself. Place furniture and furnishings where you want them. If you don’t like it, change the arrangement of the furniture and rearrange it with a click of the mouse! When everything is set up according to your wishes, start the 3D view mode of the house planner software and take a virtual tour of the newly designed rooms.

The 3D house planning software by ArCADia BIM 3D Architect completely visualizes your plan, the floor plan, the furnishings and the outside perspective . Become your own architect. Implement your ideas independently and let your creativity run free. The architecture software enables you to keep trying out new variants of an idea. Until you are satisfied. The program’s user interface is designed to be so user-friendly that it can be used just as easily by laypeople as it is by professionals.

The extensive CAD program – the house planning software from ArCADia BIM 3D Architect

The house planning software by ArCADia BIM 3D Architect is a very extensive program that also inspires professionals. It enables the visualization of your construction planning at every stage and in every detail. The architecture software visualizes your dreams and creates a 3D model of your dream house in seconds.
The numerous features of the house planner allow you to try out your ideas. You have a huge range of options for your construction project . A building project always begins with the floor plan. Then you go step by step in the design of the premises. You decide where you want the windows and doors. You consider which functions the individual rooms should have: bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, living area, children’s room or study. You determine how the rooms are aligned with one another and how they are set up.

Perhaps you would like a corner fireplace in the living room or a particularly large desk for your home office? Everything is possible, you can just try it out and change, improve, redesign, remodel and rearrange again and again. It doesn’t matter what type of construction project it is. Whether new construction, expansion or renovation, whether building a house or furnishing. The 3D CAD house planning software has the right tools for every requirement.

Freedom of planning with the 3D CAD house planning software

With the house planning software from ArCADia BIM 3D Architect you have complete planning freedom . This innovative concept of the software is unique on the German market. The program is aimed at both professionals and laypeople. The view of the floor plan from a bird’s eye view can easily be displayed as a 3D model with a click of the mouse. The planning software contains important planning modes for:

  • the floor plan, the 3D view of which is virtually accessible
  • the planner for furnishing the various rooms
  • the planner for electrical and sanitary installations
  • the planner for outdoors, especially for the garden

It is therefore possible to design not only the interiors , but also the exterior areas of the property, the garden as well as the terrace. And the nice thing is: you can do it all yourself and don’t need an architect for every little thing. The 3D CAD house planner program also saves costs, simply because you can take on a large part of the architectural work yourself. Familiarization with the house planner program is not difficult because it is designed in such a way that it can be operated intuitively. It is particularly suitable for beginners who are interested in house and apartment design.

The ease of use of the 3D CAD house planning program

The program’s user interface is particularly suitable for beginners who have no previous architectural knowledge. The program is simply designed , clearly arranged and intuitive to use . This easy handling of the software also makes it popular with professionals. Not only architects, but also civil engineers and other specialists involved in construction projects appreciate the clarity of the numerous functions.

With the ArCADia BIM 3D Architect software, you can draw floor plans and plans of your future property just as professionally as an architect. The house planner program enables the exact calculation of room sizes and heights. With the help of the software, you can plan electrical and sanitary equipment, water connections as well as sockets. When you are satisfied with the elaboration, save this variant and display the 3D model for it. The program uses the existing data to create an exact and virtually accessible model of your independently planned dream property . Light and shadow effects bring about a strong closeness to reality.

The included inventory catalog of the planning software contains a large selection of colors, materials, furniture, household items, doors, windows, chimneys, roof variants, floor coverings and much more. You design room by room according to your taste. You can make changes at any time and save the current status of the project. If necessary, you can also forward this file to third parties, for example to your architect. He can then continue his planning based on your specifications. This way of working saves time and money, because everything that you work out yourself and pass on to your architect, he will not charge you.

From 2D work mode to 3D view

It is much clearer and more manageable to work in a 2D view. 2D is the usual way of writing and drawing. The placement of furnishings is also very easy and clear in the 2D mode . While you get closer to your dream property step by step in 2D mode, the 3D CAD house planning software calculates the 3D view in parallel. So you can switch from one mode to the other at any time in order to see the changes as realistically as possible and to be able to change small things if necessary.

Plan construction projects with the 3D CAD house planning software from ArCADia

From beginners to professionals, the software is just right for everyone. Because it is extremely user-friendly and extremely innovative at the same time. Numerous tools enable creative work at the highest level. Due to the possibility of being able to enter your construction project virtually in the 3D model at any time and to assess the progress, even laypeople develop a certain ambition to equip their own four walls better and better or to want to design it more modern.

Be creative, dare to change. On the provider website of the ArCADia BIM 3D Architect software you will either receive a DVD when you buy the program or you can choose to download it immediately. All you need is a Windows PC with the Windows 7 operating system or higher. If you like house building plans, you can supplement the basic program with additional modules. All in all, it is inexpensive and very easy to use software. An architecture program for everyone .

However, if you should ever need help or support, there is a customer service that can be contacted by e-mail. There is also an extensive support area (ticket system) with answers to the most important questions about the program. On the provider’s website you will also find a first-step guide and numerous video guides that explain the software and its applications.