With the 3D furnishing software from ArCADia BIM 3D Architect , it is easy to plan the new furnishing of a house or apartment – precisely and conveniently. All rooms can be designed virtually on the PC. The setup software gives planning security . Whether bedroom, living room, kitchen or bathroom, every room can be furnished individually and in detail. The 3D technology opens up unimagined design possibilities and leaves the greatest possible scope for creativity. New furnishing options can always be tried out in an uncomplicated manner.

The user interface of the 3D setup software is designed to be uncomplicated and can be used intuitively . First, a floor plan is created and then you can start setting up and trying out, designing and improving. The 3D furnishing software from ArCADia BIM 3D Architect offers countless possibilities. Numerous exciting tools and an extensive furniture library make this possible.

The advantages of good planning

Good planning is everything. The 3D furnishing software makes it possible to plan existing or new rooms in an apartment or house in advance, virtually and in detail. With the software it is possible to try out new furnishing ideas again and again. This is the only way to get an impression of the resulting room atmosphere. Furniture, room elements or fittings for the bathroom can be integrated into a room and rearranged again. All of this at the click of a mouse, conveniently and in a matter of seconds. If you plan well and take the time to try out, change and redesign, you have an immense advantage for the later implementation of the desired variant: The certainty that everything will be exactly right and suitable.

The 3D software from ArCADia BIM 3D Architect offers unique room design options. The user interface, which is easy and intuitive to use, makes it easy to place furniture from the supplied catalogs in 2D mode . Once the equipment has been defined as desired and saved once, the premises can be viewed virtually in 3D mode. The 3D view enables a virtual inspection of the newly furnished rooms.

Preparing the facility planning

The basis for working with the 3D furnishing software is always the floor plan . The software provides helpful tips to help you create a dimensionally accurate floor plan. Then you can start planning the facility. Not only the floor plan is created accurately, but also the walls, i.e. the room sizes and heights, are shown true to scale. Only then is it possible to plan windows, doors, electrical connections, sanitary installations or even smart home facilities and fix them in the floor plan.

The 3D software uses all this data to create a walk-in 3D model of the premises. First of all, it makes sense to start with the design of the floors, walls and ceilings. The catalogs supplied with the software offer a wide range of materials, colors and patterns. The extensive furniture catalog contains furnishings for every taste, which can be placed flexibly in the various rooms. In this way, the entire apartment or house can be refurbished step by step.

Plan in 2D and experience in 3D

The 3D setup software from ArCADia BIM 3D Architect provides a 2D view for planning the new setup. It’s not just clear. It is also very easy to use. This 2D mode enables the objects to be placed more easily. At the same time, the software automatically creates a 3D model that can be called up and viewed virtually at any time.

The extensive inventory catalogs result in countless design options and variations in furniture placement. There are no limits to creativity . Every single room can be set up individually. Whether living areas, bedrooms, children’s rooms, bathrooms, kitchens or study, the outdoor areas such as terraces can also be planned precisely. Every idea and every variant can be tried out and if you like one, it can simply be saved. Changes can be made at any time, including retrospectively.

By combining the 2D mode with the 3D view, the furnishing software from ArCADia BIM 3D Architect provides a great and impressive overview of the effect of the newly furnished rooms. Light and shadow effects make the 3D view look absolutely realistic.

The many features of the 3D furnishing software

Doing your room planning yourself saves a lot of costs. The more precisely you plan, the fewer planning errors that result, which in turn lead to bad purchases. The 3D setup software from ArCADia BIM 3D Architect makes it possible to save costs, hassle and thus also time.

Any design variant can be tried out in terms of its effect or practicability. Different plans can be saved and compared with one another. Virtual inspections make it very easy to explore the best option. The best design can then be turned into reality. In this way, undesirable results and unexpected costs are reduced to a minimum.

No special knowledge is required to be able to use the 3D setup software. It can be operated intuitively. All features, the various catalogs or the settings for the various view modes are clearly structured and user-friendly arranged. This makes the program very easy to use and easy to use.

The ArCADia BIM 3D Architect Professional version even enables the furniture library to be linked to the Internet and expanded with additional items from third parties. The furniture can simply be downloaded to the PC and imported into the inventory catalog. This expansion option offers extended creative scope for room design. When everything is set up, there is the virtual 3D tour. This realistic inspection of the self-furnished rooms makes it possible to feel the spatial effect and the room atmosphere – all in an intensive 3D experience mode.

The installation plans can be printed out

If you want to print out the various planning results or share them with friends or family, you can do so. The 3D setup software has the appropriate tools. The possibility of being able to print out the best planning draft facilitates the subsequent implementation of the desired furniture. Having a printout with you when buying furnishings creates security. Being able to give movers and movers a printout makes it easier to work in a more targeted manner.

Set up outdoor areas virtually with the 3D CAD software

The software enables everyone to be their own room planner. Costs for an interior designer can be saved. The interior and the outside areas can be conveniently planned on the PC. The 3D software offers many professional features and a large selection of items in the included inventory catalogs. The planning is done in 2D mode, the inspection and assessment in the 3D view. The included features enable an extremely realistic impression of the furnished rooms and outdoor areas.
A support area offers many helpful tips and answers to questions about the software. A service team can be contacted by email and is available almost around the clock. The software is compatible with the Windows 7 operating system or higher. The available program versions are based on one another. Information about the differences can be found in the respective function overview. The software can be downloaded directly from the Internet, but is also available on DVD. The purchase of the full version allows use on two devices and for an unlimited period of time.