New ideas for the facilities? But no idea how this should be implemented? With the 3D architecture program 3D CAD the complete change of the interior design can be developed and planned. During the implementation, you will certainly know exactly which new furnishings are to be bought and what space they will be given in your apartment.

The software was actually created for house building. However, it can also be used just as well for interior decoration .
You can map your exact apartment with a floor plan in the program. Then countless pieces of furniture can be selected and placed in the inventory catalog. Moving around has never been so easy. In advance, you can use the program to make a precise plan and then simply put the furniture as planned. In addition to furniture, the inventory catalog also includes many decorative items, i.e. really everything to do with the right interior design.
However, not only the inventory catalog can be accessed. The program also offers the option of importing your own pieces of furniture . Therefore it is possible to design the interior design completely according to your own wishes and ideas. You are not dependent on the specifications in the inventory catalog, but can be designed according to your own requirements with the import option.
The final representation in the program can take place exactly as in reality, taking into account the individual light conditions, shadows and reflections.

The advantages of interior planning using a program

New houses are planned down to the smallest detail. It often looks different with the interior design. Most of the time, some piece of furniture is bought, simply because they like it. Often the new sofa does not really fit into the living room or the dining table is simply too big.
With the furnishing program from ArCADia these problems are a thing of the past. Realistic and detailed plans for the remodeling of your home can be created. In this way, the available space can be used optimally and finally you can leave your own ideas completely free.
The facility can be viewed not only from above, but from every angle using the program. Viewing in 3D as well as 2D is possible. So you really won’t miss a thing and you can get the most out of your rooms.

The planning procedure

First, the floor plan of your apartment or house must be entered. Because only if the data is correct can the actual pieces of furniture also fit in the end. Entering the floor plan data is quick and easy, so that the actual planning can begin.
For input, either a grid can be used, which shows auxiliary lines. The floor plans can also be entered with the room planner assistant or the various construction aids of the program can be used.
For the entry you need a plan of the house or apartment. If this is not the case, the apartment can also be measured yourself. Also ask your landlord, he will surely have a plan of the apartment.
If you measure yourself, windows and doors must also be taken into account. The measurement must be very precise, because this is the only way to ensure correct planning.

The entry in the program is then done with just a few clicks. The walls can also be colored in preparation. However, if the color should also be changed, this can be done in the setup phase.

After this brief preparation, the planning can now begin.

The perfect facility in 2D and 3D

The big advantage in the program lies in the possibilities of the different display . The furniture is best placed in the 2D view. Only in this way can the dimensions be carefully observed and the windows taken into account. It would be very annoying if the furniture were accidentally placed in front of the window.
By setting up in 2D mode, the same settings are made directly in 3D mode. Both can be processed directly with the software. You can switch between the views at any time.

The 2D view is therefore required for correct planning. The visual refinement then takes place with the 3D view. The effects of light and lighting can be taken into account there. This creates a realistic picture. The selected colors can be examined under the different light influences.

When setting up, both 2D and 3D modes should be used. Both are necessary for perfect planning.

The furnishing with the interior decoration

Now that all requirements and steps have been clarified, you can start furnishing the apartment. The software enables rooms, such as a bathroom, to completely redesign . It is by no means just about moving a few pieces of furniture. Instead, a dream kitchen can be planned or the entire bathroom can be redesigned.
Furniture can be selected (either from the inventory catalog or individually) and then placed. The correct dimensions are very important at this point. This is the only way to ensure that the furniture will ultimately fit into your home.
The placement of the furniture is very easy. They just have to be selected and then placed using drag and drop. Colors and dimensions can also be adjusted.

Possibilities of the furniture catalogs

As already mentioned, there is not only access to the inventory of the program. This can be freely expanded and offers enough space for your ideas.
Thanks to this possibility of free expansion, the program is particularly suitable for individual furnishings. Other planners only offer their own models, so you don’t have a large selection here and you are always stuck on a certain scheme.
It is different with the program from ArCADia . Objects from numerous manufacturers can be selected there. In addition, you can upload your own objects that are not available. So there are no limits in the design.
Third party downloading is also very easy. The inventory is usually made available for download free of charge. Then it can simply be imported into the furniture catalog. This is compatible with the most common formats, such as 3DS, SketchUp or Collada .

If you want it to be completely individual and you simply cannot find the right piece of furniture, you can even create it yourself. This works via the 3D modeler This offers the possibility of designing objects according to your own ideas. It really doesn’t get any more individual.

The ArCADia program also offers the option of using different levels . In this way, different living concepts can be tried out at the same time and compared with one another.
The desired pieces of furniture can then be set up on each level and colors and decorative objects can be selected. The individual levels can then be made visible or invisible. With a click of the mouse the different facilities can be compared with one another.

Direct comparison & amp; Share with friends

The direct comparison using the different levels results in many advantages. All levels can be switched to visible at the same time so that they can be compared with one another very well.
In this way, it is possible to see immediately which concept suits you best. Perhaps, according to the opinion, a completely new facility will be tried again, in which all ideas are brought together. With the possibility of different levels, you can get the best out of every level and every idea and nothing is lost. You can also design different levels with your family and so choose one at the end. The imagination knows no limits.

The last step is sharing with friends . If you are done with the setup or if you still need external input, the finished plan can easily be shared online – either on social networks or directly via a messenger service .
Your friends or acquaintances may come up with other good ideas for your interior design. Or you just want to let them share your ideas. This option is ideal for both.

The plans can also simply be printed out. So the actual remodeling can be done more easily in the end. If the redesign is carried out by external companies, you can simply provide them with the plan. So everything will be redesigned according to your ideas.

Interior designer for your own apartment

The planner gives you the opportunity to be your own interior designer . You can try different styles and furniture, paint the walls in bright colors or consider completely new ideas. The planner gives you the opportunity to easily visualize the furnishing ideas. Often the ideas are not so easy to grasp and can be easily presented using the planner. What could not be imagined so well before is now tangible. Perhaps this is how you see that your idea was not a good one, or it confirms it.
The planning is very detailed, so that you can look forward to your new interior design while planning.
There is also the option of taking a digital tour of the newly planned apartment. This will give you a first feeling for your new facility.

To be able to use the software, you only need a PC with Windows. Otherwise, the software is self-explanatory and can be understood immediately by laypeople.
Should there ever be a problem, a support portal and customer service are available to you.