With the Plan7BIM program, it is possible for you to develop and design your building project with just a few actions. With the software you can develop extremely authentic 3D models of the highest quality, which are freely accessible. You have everything in your own hands, from the idea to the actual setup, and you can work out and align everything as you wish. Not only professionals reach the goal, but also beginners, since the presentation is logically structured and the functions are kept uncomplicated. This makes it possible to effortlessly grasp the technology within a very short time.

Easily create floor plans with the software

The entire floor plan of the construction project can be processed using the computer mouse. The dimensions of the concept are generated automatically and displayed in real time in photo-realistic 3D. Already developed room constructions or floors and walls can easily be drawn and put together. But other areas of a property, such as terraces, garages, pools and ponds can also be designed. Individual areas, but also entire floors, can be shown or hidden as required in order to maintain an overview. Finished floor plans can be imported using a scanner.

Align the components according to your own taste

As soon as the floor plan corresponds to your own ideas, you can work with further elements. These include, for example, stairs, windows, doors, supports and roofs (including gables and covering). The components are placed very precisely using the intelligent lines and the size, shape and materials can also be easily changed at any time. You can get a good overview from the material catalog, which contains many different materials, surfaces and textures. Every change is exactly represented in the photo-realistic 3D model .

Determine the setup

You have more than 8000 innovative 3D and 1800 2D objects at your disposal, from which you can assemble your interior. The objects can also be set using the program so that they can be compared directly with one another. You can also import objects from other providers and manufacturers into your construction project. Basically, you can adapt all objects to your project according to your wishes.

A tour of the house in real time

You can edit your project in 2D and 3D, which allows you to see every room in its entirety. You can also change the background with any image file, thereby simulating different times of the day and night.

Test the software for free

Send us an email to [email protected] and you will receive a free test version of the construction software for 24 hours. If you then decide to purchase the product, you will benefit from our large support offer , the support of our staff and a digital manual . If you have any questions, you can contact us by email, phone or with a support ticket and get free help from us.