The Arcadia BIM 3D Architect allows you to plan your own home in just a few steps. With the software, house and garden are planned down to the smallest detail. Whether living room or attic, garden or terrace: The program allows planning from the first step through to the fine-tuning. Thanks to individual setting options and millions of design elements, planning is always a professional one. Thanks to the implementation of German building law, the drafts can also be used for building applications and co. A clear user interface and various help pages allow both beginners and trained architects a comprehensive planning.

Plumbing installations and electrical lines

The 3D architect can be used for a wide variety of building projects. Planners use it to create both small city apartments and luxurious villas. From individual rooms to the entire property including the garden area, the entire property is designed as required. The planning of a completely new building is just as possible as renovation, repair or modernization planning. The interior can also be designed as desired. If you want, you can only plan the garden area and use hundreds of thousands of objects. Others lay the electrical lines and plumbing installations in existing properties, saving themselves the need for expensive architects.

Universal furnishing planning like a professional

With the architecture software from Arcadia, every object is expertly planned. The easy-to-use import and export functions also contribute to this. With just a few clicks, the architect’s designs can be imported into the software and processed further there. The export of the construction plan or the entire project is then just as straightforward. The designs created in the 3D planner can be used in many other planning programs, which means that the necessary flexibility is always guaranteed when planning a house.

Not only other projects and designs can be imported, but also objects from the Internet. Several million objects are available here that were created by other users and third-party providers such as furniture stores. In this way, the home can be adapted exactly to your own ideas. You can also create your own objects. These are exported with just a few clicks of the mouse and uploaded to the Internet, where they can be used by other users.

A wide variety of elements can be designed and placed in the software as required. First of all, the entire project can be planned in 2D mode. The drafts created can then be revised in detail in 3D mode and explored in a modern 3D environment. The 3D tour can be recorded on video and shared with architects and customers.

Customized roof design

The roof is the most important part of any home. That is why it is also possible with the 3D software from Arcadia to design the roof down to the smallest detail. The roof is constructed using easily understandable parameters from angle to dimension. Roofs of all kinds can be designed – from classic flat and round roofs to roof terraces. Terraces, balconies and roof porches can also be designed. Thanks to the intuitive control of the software, this can be done with just a few clicks of the mouse and without a long learning curve. The software allows you to develop your own roofs, which can then be used.

Garden and landscape design from A to Z

With the 3D software, you can design your own home as well as your garden. The landscaping includes the entire green area, courtyard, terrace, balcony and everything else that goes with it. Paths can be placed, the dream terrace designed and flowerbeds placed with just a few clicks. A pond, pool and trees can be placed in the garden, as well as a variety of wild plants and plants that round off the design project. Similar to the actual building of houses, the many possibilities offer space for experiments. The software can not only be used for actual construction projects, but also for hobby designs in between.

Kitchen and bathroom planning

The kitchen is designed professionally with the planner from Arcadia. Regardless of whether it is a new kitchen, renovation or restoration: the program allows you to plan an eat-in kitchen or a luxury kitchen. Thanks to the implementation of well-known manufacturers, the kitchen is professionally furnished. You can also choose between open and classic kitchen styles.

Bathroom planning is also child’s play with the ArCADia BIM 3D Architect. In just a few steps, the wellness oasis is designed and equipped with numerous objects. The software offers the option of creating different layers so that several design drafts can be compared with one another. This saves time and effort, as not every object has to be repositioned again and again.

2D and 3D representation

With the 3D software, you can work in 2D and 3D mode at the same time. If necessary, you can also work with several screens at the same time. You can switch flexibly between 2D and 3D views. While the desired changes are made in the 2D construction mode, these can be viewed simultaneously in the 3D visualization. With a screen, you can switch between 2D and 3D mode at the push of a button.

The 3D mode supports a modern 3D engine. In this way, shadows, reflections and the like are displayed realistically.

Practical assistance for laypeople and professionals

Arcadia’s 3D software is easy to use. Anyone who still has questions or needs support with the various functions will find various help in the software. This includes, for example, help pages on which the individual program points are explained again in detail. A comprehensive tutorial is also available, which guides you through the program step by step.

Should there still be any unanswered questions, we offer individual support that takes care of every issue. Please contact us and we will help you.

One software, many areas of application

With the Arcadia software house and apartment can be creatively designed. The possible uses range from hobby planning to professional designs. Both beginners and professionals can use the program to professionally implement their design wishes.

Finally, the program can also be used to create designs for the building application. If you want to build a house, you just enter the desired values into the program and the software does the rest.

The Arcadia planner offers everything an architect’s heart desires. Available in three different versions, there is the important version for beginners, advanced users and professionals.