This modern software for your own house planning presents itself with an enormous variety of functions and arranges a realistic representation of all house angles. The Plan7Architekt CAD Architect Professional tool offers comprehensive living space planning in 2D and 3D.

Thanks to the principle of drag & drop, a wide variety of components can be clearly installed on the screen by dragging and dropping with the help of a finger.

Floor plans and details

Further advantages are the true-to-scale floor plans and the precise planning of the plumbing and electrical installations. If you already have a sketched floor plan, scan it and the program will anchor it in the software for you. You can also draw your desired floor plan in detail in 2D and 3D. Your project planning is perfectly complemented by the saved elements such as windows, walls, stairs and doors.

Switches and sockets can be placed and pipes and connections planned in a playful way. The representation of the individual floors can be called up with just one click in the three available software versions. Since the intelligent construction program is very powerful, not only are the rooms automatically assigned and correctly labeled, but the room dimensions are also calculated correctly. You can easily play with different roof structures.

Garden design

As an additional offer, garden lovers among you can purchase the 3D CAD garden planner. You can benefit from the following advantages:

  • expert advice
  • Clear modeling of the garden area
  • realistic presentation of the entire terrain
  • Special garden planning for properties on a hillside
  • flexible access to 2300 plants and garden accessories
  • fascinating view of all perspectives
  • Possible setting of times of day

These advantages distinguish the 3D CAD garden planner.

Virtual garden walk

With sample versions you will be inspired for your personal design in the garden, on the terrace and on the balconies. A flowing 3D walk is made possible by LoD technology. Only the 3D architect professional takes you on a virtual garden tour and enchants you with the simulation of the light sources, reflections and shades. Therefore you should definitely prefer the 3D Architect Professional to the 3D Architect Basic. Use the video on the website to get an in-depth impression of the project planning and the digital possibilities.