If you want a really individual home, you can use the 3D Architect program to design it completely yourself.
No previous knowledge is required to use the program. All you have to do is enter the exact data of the dream home, and floor plans for your future home can be created.
In addition to the floor plan, you can also draw other plans yourself, for example for heating or sanitary facilities. With the software 3D architect everyone can design their own dream house. The program has 1800 2D symbols for further planning. These significantly simplify the planning of the floor plan.

Do you prefer to plan in 2D or 3D ? Both are easily possible with the software. The 2D mode is ideal for designing and installing walls, windows or doors. The results can then be converted into 3D mode. This shows what the finished house will look like in the end.
Further changes to the floor plan can also be made in 3D mode. A quick change between the two modes is also possible at any time.

The perfect planning of roof, furnishings and garden

In addition to the floor plan, the roof, the furnishings or the garden can also be planned. So it is possible to really do the complete house planning with the help of the software.

After the finished floor plan, a house naturally needs the right roof. Therefore, different roofs can easily be attached to the finished floor plan. These can of course also be further modified and individualized, for example in terms of shape or color. In addition, roof terraces, dormers or skylights can also be planned.

Once the floor plan and roof are ready, the interior work can begin. The desired furnishings for the new home can also be planned with the 3D architect. There are more than 10,000 3D elements available, with many different styles, furniture and of course decorative objects in between.
If you like it easier, you can also select one of many different object sets with a click. These are perfectly coordinated and make the selection much easier. This is particularly evident in the kitchen or bathroom. The object library can also be expanded further.

If the house is now fully furnished, the garden planning can be started. This is also possible in a perfect 3D look. Garden beds, swimming ponds, terraces or swimming pools can be planned. There are also many plants and decorative items to choose from. The surrounding landscape can also be changed with the garden planner.
What otherwise has to be laboriously laid out in the garden can be tried out here with a simple click. And if you don’t like it after all, the individual bed or the terrace can simply be changed again.
With the 3D architect, planning and designing the entire home is easy for laypeople with a click. Often ideas arise that you would not have come up with without the program.

Also worth a look for professionals

But the 3D architect can not only be used for the design and creation of your own dream home – the program is also recommended for real estate agents and architects.

A professional project presentation is also possible with 3D architect. Of course, this also works with other programs. 3D architect, on the other hand, offers the advantage of being able to make the presentation as natural as possible due to its 3D optics and powerful technology. The created images look like real. In this way, the customers will be able to imagine the designed house much better and more easily.
Thanks to the 3D optics, even the small details, such as shadows or reflections, are displayed perfectly. Another advantage is the quick work with the 3D architect. Thanks to the simple usability of the program, houses can be designed and planned quickly. Change requests can also be taken into account with a simple click.

The program also offers a special option – tour videos through the house that you designed yourself. This is of course a great advantage for both commercial and private use. Because in this way the designed house can be viewed as in real life. From this perspective, completely new approaches arise and it can be checked whether your own ideas really work that well.
The tours can also be optimized and redesigned. They are ideal for showing a customer his finished house.

The 3D architect really offers a lot of possibilities for designing the dream house for himself or for his customers. It also means a great deal of work relief, as the design can be carried out very easily and without complications with it.